What about that?!…

10448204_751732471551508_4259385424263456378_nI am from a country that is blamed for generating beggars.

No one wants to see the engineers, doctors or inovations that were born in that country.

Why is it that people prefer to see the half empty side of a glass, while expecting to be treated completly in the opposite manner?

If you don’t agree and/ or like beggers or begging DO NOT finanse it.

If you are against it, obviosly, guide others into NOT supporting these sort of actions.

In my opinion, begging is a form of fraud. If you pay taxes for your income, as an honest person – the beggar – should also report income and pay taxes. I doubt there’s any beggar that does that.

Being tolerant about this subject is the same as taking part, i.e. if you look the other side, you’re as bad as the one giving them money, clothes or food.

If you don’t like it, there are at least 10 other people that agree with you!

If you really are against begging, make sure there’s a law against it and report beggars to the authorities.

If there’s no law against it, then contact the local authorities and ask them why and what is needed in order to create one.

It’s your choice – don’t  complain about it, act!

The Upset Engineer

from Romania, currently living in Northern Europe


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