the secret to happiness

I moved to Norway full of hope and joy.

Oh, the stories you hear about how well organised the nordic countries are! Their high quality standards of life are praised almost everywhere. Not to mention all those surveys about how happy they are. These are all fairytales.

I am not a pro, but I enjoy riding the bike. In a conversation with a norwegian I dared to mention the fact that security in a certain area could be improved.

It’s easy to understand that in an area with schools I expected to see a bike lane and a pedestrian lane besides the to way road. The school has bike parking and encourages the use of bikes. My conversation partner became upset and told me to mind my own business and refrain from criticism. Was I so wrong in expressing my safety concerns?

They are taught to dismiss any suggestion. No questions mean no improvements. Everything is excellent! This country showed me that ignorance is bliss. This is the true reason for their happiness.

There you have it: the secret to happiness is acceptance of current state, no matter how inconvenient.


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