…only overprotected?

An acquaintance has been accepted at the University. I should congratulate her, but she has to pay for the studies. There’s always a “but”.

What I’m writing might seem strange to almost anyone outside Europe. To keep a long story short, in most European countries you have the right to free upper studies, i.e. university. To make it even clearer, the taxes she is supposed to pay per academic year would be equivalent to a half year’s payment on a full-time job (if you could save the whole paycheck ). It’s “only” a 3 years college.

I never even considered to attend a university where I must pay for the studies.

Here’s why:

– who is going to pay for my studies and how? at what cost?

– do I have talent/health/energy/commitment for the chosen line of study?

– who is going to provide for my school supplies, accommodation, and food?

The most important questions of them all:

– how much is this all going to cost?

– how long does it take to have some return on investment?

In my opinion, no matter the choice, it is a difficult decision. I would strongly advise her against choosing to study and pay for the studies. The job is not well paid, the prospected return on investment is about 15 years, and she has health issues that will affect her ability to perform the most common job required tasks. Furthermore, her parents have health issues and can not really afford such a debt.

Why is it so complicated to consider the consequences of your actions? How can you choose to venture onto such a downward spiral?

To me would be only logical to choose something more practical and affordable.

How can I reason with such an overprotected, irresponsible person?



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