Principles of Shopping



Shopping, again?!?! Yes, just to help you understand my perspective.

It’s another one of those topics where simplicity increases complexity. Here are my main guidelines:

  • availability. What you want and need might not be on the market.
  • quality- price ratio. It’s easy to understand that you can’t have both a low price and high quality. Note that availability always influences price, not quality.
  • honesty. The difference between what you get and what is presented/ what a product/service should be.

Books can be written based on each of them. You might think I’m mad, and that I should just buy something without making such a fuss. That’s the beauty of the competitive market we all take for granted.  As a result of this market, we get brands. The access to a diversity of products and services it’s an underappreciated form of freedom.

Some of you out there might have as a guideline the brand of a product/service. I don’t like to be branded. I avoid as much as possible to brand people, but I’m still human. Therefore, I might look at someone and think: a typical passionate Italian. The brand a product bears is not a guarantee for quality and/or high standards. Unfortunately, brands influence opinions. While I would be impressed by someone in a well tailored suit, others would consider a Chanel outfit better, even if it looks like a rag.

You can agree, disagree, add or subtract. We owe it all to freedom and competition.


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