Avoid SAS


Time makes events seem better. Time blurs the lines between a good and a bad experience. Nevertheless, I see myself forced to write the following post, otherwise I wouldn’t forgive myself. I refuse to be an accomplice to this crime: the awful crime of deceiving others. It might be acceptable to you to perpetuate the idea that everything is better in northern Europe, but that creates false expectations.

If you’re traveling, you know that there are low-cost airlines as Norwegian, Nordic, WizzAir, Ryanair. The expectations you have would be low. Low prices lead to restrictions in terms of luggage, food and general conditions. It’s an appropriate outcome.

SAS is not a low-cost carrier. Its prices are exactly what you would expect from a regular airline. It’s only fair to expect the same conditions you would get while using any such airline. They offer three options: SAS Plus, SAS Go, and SAS Go Light. SAS Go Light is the go to option if you are traveling only with hand luggage. The price is about 15% lower than SAS Go. Considering the price for checked-in luggage, it seems the best option. The only difference between SAS Plus and SAS Go consists of a cooked meal served frozen (I had ice in the box, and not as a feature). You can also request something else from the menu without paying, but the staff is so rude it’s not worth it.  The aircraft I had the “pleasure” to be in were dirty, small and patched up (the windscreen had added patches and/or the wings). If you have long legs, the small space between the chairs will make any flight seem longer. That being said about quality, you can conclude that they are pricey. I used them out of lack of options. SAS is considered the largest airline in Scandinavia, when in fact it is the only one.

The most upsetting fact is the lack of honesty. I dislike the fact that all my trips had to be longer because of SAS. Would you be happy if a flight is delayed by two hours, and the actual boarding starts after almost three hours? Why would SAS intentionally mislead customers? How would you feel if this scenario repeats itself  for more than 70% of your flights? Would you like to be stuck in a small noisy airport for SAS’s poor organisational skills? Who doesn’t love to run trough a crowded airport in order to catch a connecting flight?

Don’t trust surveys. Scandinavia has poor standards.


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